Partners of the ANR project (2006-2010)

Associated research laboratories

The following research laboratories have worked on the ALPAGE project between 2006 and 2010:

Scientific collaboration

The members of the institutions designated below have produced historical data during the phase of the project funded by the ANR:

Document collaborations

Numerous maps and plans were generously made available or have been subject to agreed exchanges with the following institutions:


The following institutions have supported us financially between 2006 and 2010:

ALPAGE - Références

In addition to its aim of disseminating research results the ALPAGE team also aims to open the ALPAGE-Références database to the public in order to show the elements that have allowed for the spatialisation of historical objects in the ALPAGE GIS. However, as the references (sources, bibliography) for historical objects are directly indicated either in the data attributes or in the metadata this database has not been updated since 2010.