Authors of historical data (visible on the ALPAGE cartographic platform) are listed below in alphabetical order by name. The author’s position at the time the data was created is also given:

  1. Bethe Anne-Laure (contractual): first version of all Vasserot data (supervised by the participants of the ANR project); Philippe Auguste wall (with Hélène Noizet); Charles V wall (with Nicolas Faucherre); data for the period 1300 and 1380 (with Caroline Bourlet);
  2. BourbonFrance (Master student Paris-1) : docks between 1312 and 1789
  3. Bourlet Caroline (Research Engineer, IRHT): parishes, parish sub-district, road networks and urban blocks in 1300 and in 1380;
  4. Bove Boris (Lecturer, Paris-8): censives (territory ruled by a lord) in the 18th century (with Yoann Brault); aristocratic ‘Hôtels’ (aristocratic mansions) in 1300 and 1400;
  5. Brault Yoann (technician, National Archives): Fossés jaunes wall; 18th century censives (territory ruled by a lord) (with Boris Bove);
  6. ClaustreJulie (MCF Paris-1): prisons during the 14th and 15th century (with Hélène Noizet)
  7. Costa, Laurent (Research Engineer, ArScAn): paleo-relief and floodplains according to the restoration of V. Krier;
  8. Descamps Benoît (secondary school teacher): butchers (with Laurent Mirlou);
  9. Faucherre Nicolas (Professor, Nantes): Charles V wall (with Anne-Laure Bethe);
  10. Fernandez Mathieu (PhD student, CNAM): digital terrain map 1810;
  11. Fianu Kouky  (PR, univ. Ottawa, Canada): book craftsmen late 13th (in collaboration with 10 students from the « Medival and virtual Paris » class, january-april 2018, History department);
  12. Gherdevich Davide (post-doc, LAMOP): Roman wall, urban blocks in 1553, 1652 and 1741; markets and fairs 12th – 15th (with Caroline Bourlet); taxed academics in Paris in 1330 ; Les Halles neighbourhood plots late 14th (with Hélène Noizet);
  13. Hermenault, Léa (M1/M2 student Paris-1): archaeological road remains; archaeological sites next to the Seine;
  14. Lallau, Etienne (M1 then PhD student): archaeological wall remains (12th-17th century), wall towers and doors, churches (supervised by I. Brian, N. Deflou-Leca, A. Massoni-Hubert, H. Noizet);
  15. Mirlou Laurent (M1 and M2 student, Paris-1): sewers, fountains, wells, butchers (with Benoît Descamps), floods in 1740 and 1910, watershed in 1740;
  16. Noizet Hélène (Lecturer, Paris-1): Carolingian wall, Philippe Auguste wall (with Anne-Laure Bethe);
  17. Prodhomme, Marie (M2 student, Paris-1): boundary markers, building prohibition boundaries and ‘Faubourg’ (suburb) road networks (17th-18th century);
  18. Robert, Sandrine (MAST, Paris-1): Plot frame with an orientation of 67°-75°;
  19. Rouet, Paul (retired from APUR): Vasserot data V2 (boroughs, urban blocks, road networks, hydrography) ; urban blocks and hydrography in 1795-1791 (instead of Verniquet); Paris in 1380 followingt the CNRS’s map (linear objects, points, road network, objets linéaires, objets ponctuels, voirie, land use, roman antics, future footprints); Fermiers généraux’s footprint.
  20. SecardinSally (Master student Paris-1) : road network-dumps 12th – 18th