The ALPAGE team also aspires to contribute to the dissemination of scientific research and thereby participate in the popularisation of scientific results or output, an exercise that has recently seen a restoration of its respectability following a long period of criticism. In particular, the project aims to meet the pedagogic needs of teachers and those curious about the history of Paris and the Parisian area.

With this aim in mind and using the GIS data produced by its researchers the ALPAGE team is compiling a corpus of maps that are made available to the public. These maps are released under the Creative Commons licence CC-BY-SA 2.0 FR.

Each map adheres to the appropriate cartographic rules, includes the adequate copyrights and therefore provides all the necessary elements for relevant use. The title of each document specifies the data type and its format (A4 or A3).

General Maps:

  • Paris around 1300 – 1330 (svgai)

Télécharger (PDF, 930KB)

  • Reconstructed plan of Paris in 1380 (svgai)

Télécharger (PDF, 997KB)

Maps extracts from the book “Paris de parcelles en pixels”:

Indicated on each map is its number and page number from the book Paris de parcelles en pixels :

  • Map of Parisian parish tax boundaries in 1300 (svgai ) : fig. 11 p. 162

Télécharger (PDF, 749KB)

  • Map of parish tax sub-districts in 1300 (svgai, ) : fig. 12 p. 163

Télécharger (PDF, 747KB)

  • The ‘Seigneurs’ (lords) in the city in the 18th century (svgai) : fig. 6 p. 172

Télécharger (PDF, 922KB)

  • The Paris ‘Hôtels’ (aristocratic mansions) around 1300 (svgai) : fig. 12 p. 265

Télécharger (PDF, 353KB)

  • The Paris ‘Hôtels’ (aristocratic mansions) around 1400 (svgai) : fig. 11 p. 264

Télécharger (PDF, 410KB)

  • Density of taxpayers dwellings in Paris around 1300 (svgai) : fig. 7 p. 234

Télécharger (PDF, 860KB)

  • Average contribution per hectare and per parish sub district in the inner city area of Paris around 1300 (svgaipdf) : fig. 8 p. 238

Télécharger (PDF, 840KB)

  • Traces of the primitive walls inside the plots in the 19th and 20th centuries (svgai) : fig. 3 p. 98

Télécharger (PDF, 622KB)

  • Trace of the Philippe Auguste wall (svgai) : fig. 7 p. 115

Télécharger (PDF, 618KB)

  • Charles V wall (svgai) : fig. 12 p. 134

Télécharger (PDF, 3.2MB)

  • Plot areas in the 19th century  (svgai) : fig. 9 p. 206.

Télécharger (PDF, 3.03MB)

Unpublished thematic maps:

==> Butchers:

  • Butchers from the Middle Ages to 18th century

Télécharger (PDF, 282KB)

  • Butchers and distance from the water in the 15thcentury

Télécharger (PDF, 289KB)

  • Hierarchy of butchers in the 15thcentury

Télécharger (PDF, 282KB)

  • Hierarchy of butchers in 1714

Télécharger (PDF, 283KB)

==> Churches:

  • Churches established in the Middle Ages and the Modern era (pdf);

Télécharger (PDF, 254KB)

  • Churches from the Middle Ages to 1790: sequences of the establishments and re-establishments (pdf);

Télécharger (PDF, 290KB)

  • Churches establishments and re-establishments before 816 (pdf);

Télécharger (PDF, 281KB)

  • Churches establishments and re-establishments between 816 and 1000 (pdf);

Télécharger (PDF, 282KB)

  • Churches establishments and re-establishments between 1000 and 1200 (pdf);

Télécharger (PDF, 283KB)

  • Churches establishments and  re-establishments between 1200 and 1400 (pdf)

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  • Churches establishments and re-establishments between 1400 and 1600 (pdf);

Télécharger (PDF, 285KB)

  • Churches establishments and re-establishments between 1600 and 1790 (pdf);

Télécharger (PDF, 287KB)

  • ‘Collèges’ (Houses of study) from the 12th to 18th century (pdf);

Télécharger (PDF, 299KB)

  • Ecclesiastical hospitals from the Middle Ages to 1790 (pdf);

Télécharger (PDF, 306KB)

  • Parish churches from the Middle Ages to 1790 (pdf);

Télécharger (PDF, 304KB)

  • Personal parishes from the Middle Ages to 1790 (pdf);

Télécharger (PDF, 304KB)

  • Re-actualisation of ecclesiastical sites from 500 to 1790 (pdf).

Télécharger (PDF, 308KB)

==>Building prohibition boundaries:

  • Building prohibition boundaries in the 17th and 18th centuries (pdf).

Télécharger (PDF, 321KB)

==> Land relief and sewers:

  • Land relief and sewers around 1810-1830 (pdf)

Télécharger (PDF, 156KB)