GIS plugin

The ALPAGE team makes available MorphAL (version 0.1), a tool for morphological analyses based on vector data – historical or not.

MorphAL is an OpenJUMP plugin. It has been released under the free licence GPLv2.

MorphAL has been used by ALPAGE in order to carry the first morphological analyses on the Paris plots based on vector data extracted from Vasserot maps.

The MorphAL documentation describe the available functionalities.

The developed softwares (OpenJump, OpenJUMP plugins, source code, javadoc, etc.) and the full documentation can be download here: MorphAL-0.1.

It is also possible to download OpenJUMP with two versions of MorphAL:

  • Morphal 0.1 CORE – Standard application core contains the software, its open source components and the MorphAL plugin.
  • Morphal 0.1 PLUS Contains the software, its open source components and the MorphAL plugin as well as the following modules: SVG write support, Geoarbores Vertex Symbols Collection, ECW and JPEG2000 Read Support for windows, linux with 32bit java and the following plugins, Aggregation PlugIn, BeanShell Editor, DXF driver, Graph Extension, Jump Chart, Jump Fill Pattern, Printer, Pirol Csv Dataset, PostGIS Drive, Sextante Tools, Topology Extension, Text Driver, Vertex Note, Vertex Symbols.

To install: 1/ Extract the archives’ content in a repository. 2/ In the bin folder, click on the following file to launch the software: ‘oj_windows.bat’ (Windows), ‘’ ( GNU/Linux), or ‘oj_macosx.command’ (Mac).