ALPAGE programme: Get involved!

The Dynmap platform allows users not only to make maps from existing data but also to carry out mapping online by editing new geometric and attribute data. We are open to any work propositions including those from the general public (not only from the scientific disciplines). To get involved the only necessary requirements are a desire to produce data and an agreement to comply with the following conditions:

  • have a clear and feasible project related to the history of Paris along with an associated spatial inquiry;

All participants in the programme have the right to access all data collected in the GIS and to receive recognition of authorship for any data they produce. In each map created using this platform, the author/s of the data are automatically identified and quoted by name through the associated metadata.

All participants also have a duty to comply with the constraints of the collective programme, as follows:

  • adhere to the conceptual data model by historical and differential information;
  • produce metadata;
  • share the data produced so that it can be reused by others.

Thus, all participants in the programme must adhere to two general principles that guide data production, as follows:

  • Traceability: data and metadata production that allows for the identification of author, context and characteristics of that data;
  • Publicity: data are intended to be put online, to be viewed, or downloaded so that everyone can benefit.
  • Data publication: data is published directly online for viewing but also usually available for download for the benefit of everyone.